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 Most People Buy an Emergency Generator Once in a Lifetime!

Here's the Information You Need to Get the Right One!

  Make no mistake about it. The power never goes out on a sunny day. When you lose power it is usually when you  least want to go outdoors.

  Our society has evolved to the point where modern life is not possible without continuous, stable electrical power. Each year, thousands of Americans purchase small electric generator sets to protect themselves, their families and their businesses in the likely event of power failures. Here are some tips.

Portable vs. Stationary – Let’s Compare

Portable generator:

A portable has to be brought out of storage and moved to where you need it. It must be refueled frequently. Portables are universally fueled with gasoline, a fuel that requires safe storage and extra care in handling. How much gasoline will you need for an extended outage? Some portables have very small fuel tanks, so they need refueling every half hour or so. And don’t forget that gasoline doesn’t store very well without using an additive.

  Portable generator owners usually employ a series of extension cords to connect the generator to specific items in their house, such as a refrigerator, lights, computer, and TV. Although this system works, it is most practical for outages of a short duration. Also you can't connect your furnace or well pump to an extension cord.

Most portable generators are “rope started”, like lawnmowers. If your wife, teenager or elderly relative will be using the generator (not recommended) Plus, you will be doing all of this in the worst of weather. Try to get a portable generator out in the rain, snow, sleet, strong winds and bitter cold. Does the thought of that make you cringe? Well, it should!

Automatic standby generator:
On the other hand, with a stationary (automatic) generator on duty, you and your family can stay warm and dry in your home instead of battling the elements. Starting is fully automatic. In fact, it can take just 15-30 seconds from the beginning of the power outage until the generator is completely up and running. This type of generator employs an automatic transfer switch which monitors the incoming power and switches the generator on and off as needed
Not only won't you be lifting fingers, you won't be lifting gasoline cans, hauling extension cords or pulling any ropes either.

 If you are away, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your home standby generator is on the scene. Night or day, home or away, nothing puts you in your comfort zone like a Guardian home standby generator system. It does it all for you, 24 hours a day — 7 days a week…automatically!!


“Never be without power again”

 Don't be at risk!  Your family is your most valuable treasure. Your home is your largest investment.  Protect both 24 hours a day with a totally automatically emergency standby generator system!

  Increase your comfort  during power outages. Add value to your home, safer and more practical then a portable generator.

 One time investment  for a lifetime of peace of mind and security.

 Fast and Simple...System supplies back up power within 45 seconds, so you won't have to lift a finger when the utility power fails!

 No home should be without protection  from electrical power outages. Our standby by generators can power your refrigerator and freezer, sump pump, well pump, kitchen outlets, computers, home entertainment system, air conditioning and more!!

Quiet Yet powerful!  Our systems come prepackage in a weatherproof, sound insulated enclosure.

Clean burning Natural gas or propane fuel.  No messy, smelly gasoline or diesel fuel to leak out or spill.

Call Now and let us light up your night!!

Professionally installed, maintained and guaranteed by MISTER ELECTRIC.

100% satisfaction guarantee!


  • Totally automatic
  • 24 hour blackout protection
  • Adds value to your house
  • Safer and more practical then a portable generator
  • Quiet reliable power

Peace of Mind, Comfort, & security

Give your home a facelift with new fixtures.
  • Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • The life you save may be your own!
  • Bathroom Exhaust Fans and Heaters
    Never be wet and cold in your bathroom again.


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